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Dear Mighty Kids will feature artwork created by artists from around the world who have disabilities or differences. Each portrait will be done in the artist's style and we will include short artist bios in the book. Please apply via this link or the button below if you are interested in illustrating a portrait for a Dear Mighty Kids story. 

Kennedy Nganga Portrait

Portrait of Kennedy Nganga, illustrated by Kennedy Nganga 

Image description: Kennedy Nganga with paintbrush in hand next to a painting of a lion.

Portrait of Gaelynn Lea Tressler, Illustrated by Mariusz Kedzierski

Portrait of Gaelynn Lea Tressler, illustrated by Mariusz Kedzierski 

Image description: Gaelynn Lea playing her violin

Portrait of Melissa Shang smiling in a wheelchair. Portrait created by Chelle Destefano.

Portrait of Melissa Shang, illustrated by Chelle Destefano

Image description: Melissa Shang smiling and sitting in her wheelchair

A few of the Dear Mighty Kids artists
Picture of Mariusz Kedzierski drawing
Portrait of Gaelynn Lea playing the violin. Created by Mariusz Kedzierski.

Mariusz Kedzierski

Artist and Motivational Speaker


Mariusz Kedzierski is an award winning Polish artist who was born without arms. His talent was discovered when he was just 3. He was drawing and painting up to the age of 12 when he had to stop for a few years, but he was able to start again after one of his surgeries.


Mariusz’s art has been in exhibitions in Europe, Australia, and the USA. His art is sold all over the world.


He recently won the Best Global Artist at the 2018 Global Art Awards in Dubai.


You can follow Mariusz on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Picture of Chelle Destefano signing
Portrait of Melissa Shang smiling, sitting in her wheelchair. Created by Chelle Destefano.

Chelle Destefano

Visual Artist and Illustrator

Chelle Destefano is an award winning artist who is Deaf. She lives in Australia and has been practicing her arts since 2001. Chelle has had her artwork exhibited in numerous exhibits in Australia and Europe.

She works with watercolor, ink, acrylic, gouache and mixed media to communicate her stories.

“I'm always home with my art, and not just the literal sense but in a mental and emotional sense. Art makes me who I am.”

Picture of Kennedy Nganga with one of his paintings. The painting is of a man in a wheelchair holding a child's hand.
Self-portrait of Kennedy Nganga posing with a painting of a lion

Kennedy Nganga


Kennedy Nganga is a painter who lives in Mombasa, Kenya. He is a C-3/4 incomplete quadriplegic. He doesn’t have any grip in his fingers, so he paints by clenching the brush between his fingers.

Kennedy sells his artwork to people all over the world through his Facebook page, Kennedy Nganga Artwork and Designs. He donates a portion of his profits to help people with disabilities in his local community.

Samples of the Dear Mighty Kids coloring book pages
Picture of Taylor McTaggart

Taylor McTaggart



Taylor McTaggart created a beautiful coloring book for the Dear Mighty Kids Kickstarter campaign. The coloring book features 10 drawings of Mighty Kids with encouraging sayings on each page. 

Taylor had meningitis at 5 months old and had to have a portion of her arms and legs amputated. She is currently studying at the Anniesland campus of Glasgow Clyde College in Scotland.


You can follow Taylor on her Facebook page, TaylorMade Drawings, Twitter @TaylorMcTaggar3, Instagram taylormctee23, or Tumblr taylormade-drawings.

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